Fotografii aeriene: frumusețea Terrei

Fotografii aeriene: frumusețea Terrei

Atunci când un fotograf își urmează dorința, sunt surprinse următoarele fotografii aeriene:


Câmpuri cu lalele, Olanda

A good portrait doesn't just display its subject -- it gives us a tantalizing glimpse of their innermost thoughts. So how do you capture that feeling, when your subject is the entire world?<br />For over 20 years, Frenchman <a href="" target="_blank">Yann Arthus-Bertrand</a> has been constructing a portrait of the Earth, using aerial photographs.<br />His book "Earth From Above," sold over 4.7 million copies. Similarly, the 2009 film he directed, called "Home," became the most-viewed online documentary at the time.<br />Here, we take a look at some of Arthus-Bertrand's most breathtaking images taken high above a dramatic and diverse planet that 7 billion people call "home."<br />This image shows rows of vibrant tulips in the Dutch countryside.<br />"Since the first flowering in 1594 of bulbs brought back from the Ottoman Empire by the Austrian ambassador, four centuries of selection have led to the development of more than 800 varieties of tulips," said Arthus-Bertrand's photography agency, Altitudes Anyway.


Centrul vechi din orașul Sanaa, Yemen

Sanaa's old town is a labyrinth of backstreets that smell of myrrh and incense -- of which Yemen is one of the world's largest producers. <br />It can be a difficult place to negotiate on foot. But working from the air has its challenges too.<br />"Aerial photography is complicated; the weather needs to be good, you need authorizations which is very complicated because a photographer is always seen as a spy in a foreign land, and you need helicopters in a good condition, on site," said Arthus-Bertrand.<br />"So it's expensive -- much more expensive than taking photos on foot or by car."


Muntele Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The snow-capped mountain of Kilimanjaro appears to be more of a snow sprinkle in this image.<br />"This snow, which is more than 11,000 years old, is about to disappear," said Arthurs-Bertrand's agency.<br />"Global warming, deforestation, very low levels of precipitation -- scientists are wondering why the snow on Africa's highest summit which, at 5,895 meters tall, is gradually disappearing."<br />


Elefanți în delta Okavango, Botswana

Arthus-Bertrand might capture African elephants in this image, but it was lions that set him on his hugely successful career path.<br />"I discovered photography whilst doing a study of lions. I dreamed of being like Jane Goodall, studying animals everyday," he said.<br />"I became a photographer by chance, because my wife Anne, who is very important in my professional life, wrote very well, and I write badly, so I think photography was the best way to tell the story of the life of animals. <br />"You can express with photography what you can't write."


Caravana cămilelor, Etiopia

A long line of camels snakes its way across the Afar region -- one of the lowest in Africa. "This salted desert is also the warmest place on Earth, with temperatures  rising to 144F (50C)," said Arthus-Bertrand's photography agency.<br />"The Afar, or Danaki desert, is rich in salt, a richness exploited for centuries. Great caravans of hundreds of camels transport this resource all over the country, where the salt is used for food conservation, cooking, and occasionally as a source of money exchange."


Pădure în munții Kaw, Guyana Franceză

"Photography is an instant, and in an instant, you capture a time," said Arthus-Bertrand.<br />"There is a huge difference between the video and the photo; a photo is there, it will stay the same you photographed in one 5,000th of a second. It will remain there forever."


Statuia Libertății, New York 

And long after the world has changed  -- with buildings fallen and rebuilt -- Arthus-Bertrand's photographs remain as a simple and evocative time capsule.


“Limba glaciară” din Munții Sary-Jaz, Kyrgyzstan

"I decided to do a work on the beauty of the Earth, and on the impact of man on the planet," said Arthus-Bertrand of his ambitious project.<br />"It's a work which totally transformed me. The Earth was a lot more beautiful than I imagined. I think still today I am astounded by the beauty of the world, and the beauty when seen from above."


Fotografiile au fost realizate de fotograful francez Yann Arthus-Bertrand.